WP_Cache seemed to work well for Mokka mit Schlag so now I’ve installed it here on The Cafes too. It dramatically speeds up performance by caching query responses while still allowing for live comments and editing and all that yummy fired goodness WordPress is famous for. We shall see. If anyone notes any problems on this site suddenly cropping up, please holler.

One thing that bothers me is I still don’t have any good or even mediocre way to actually measure the performance of this blog, much less figuring out where the problems lie. It’s all subjective based on occasional queries that timeout or take longer than I’d like. I’d appreciate any suggestions anyone has for automated performance testing of a WordPress server.

5 Responses to “WP-Cache”

  1. Mumin Says:

    Is the use of this the reason why your “Java books” page no longer loads? I’ve referenced it often and would like to in the future.

  2. Elliotte Rusty Harold Says:

    Probably not. Which page are you referring to?

  3. Luke Says:

    You’ve not linked to this site, so I’m assuming you’ve not seen it. The link made the rounds a week or so ago:

  4. David Bradley Says:

    WPcache pluggy saved Sciencetext from a major drubbing this week. For some reason a fairly obvious post about how to use your GMail account as a virtual hard drive got Stumbled. Amazing how many people hit the site all at once…it would have pushed us over our CPU allowance very quickly indeed without wp-cache


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